Employer Branding

More than ever before, being able to attract acquire the right talent for your organization requires a strong employer brand…one that clearly communicates the purpose, vision and mission of your company in ways that target the right kind of employee.  Given the significant cost of a poor hiring decision, it pays to use strategies and systems to help you get the right people in the right seats on the bus.

The Bona Fide Business Guide takes a 360-degree view of human resources management, starting with an employer brand that strengthens and supports your external brand. This is the essential link between your internal operations and your external market presence. Your employer brand is built on the vision, values and voice that you want your employees to live, breathe and deliver each day and your internal communications must evoke a passion for your these elements on a consistent basis.

The Bona Fide Business Guide can help you with employer branding services including:

  • Employer branding strategy and plans
  • Employee communications plans
  • Internal communications
  • Strategic talent acquisition plans
  • Candidate screening and interviewing

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